Issue 26:  Opioids v crack

The medium is the message. This week we’re talking about opioids—how the crisis has been covered in the media compared to the crack epidemic, how perception of the crisis has shaped policy, and how you can help fight the epidemic happening in your backyard.

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Issue 25:  Why it's so damn hard to vote (hint: it's not your fault)

For shame: Voter suppression just happens in the Deep South—not in our true-blue state, right? Wrong. New York was 41st in voter turnout in 2016 (!) and we've got to reverse this trend—not only in the national election, but in state and local primaries. NY Primaries are September 12, which is kind of soon. So this week, we’re diving into New York State's appalling voting laws, who's behind them, and why making it hard to register and vote has become the status quo.


Issue 24: Shock and awe

Stay woke. Last Wednesday, in the midst of the Trumpcare circus, 45 issued a tweet ban on transgender people serving in the military, blindsiding his defense secretary and Republican congressional leaders. While this tweet is neither law nor Executive Order, it demonstrates the Trump admin’s tried and true "shock and distract" ploy. This week, we outline how harmful this tactic is and how we can work together to break through the noise.