Issue 31:  (not) worth less

80%. That’s the percentage that women working full-time in the US are paid compared to men doing the same work—and the numbers are far worse for women of color. This week we’re talking about this 20% pay gap, how it affects women across age, race, and education level, and how we can help slam it shut.

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Issue 30:  American Nightmare

#HereToStay. Despite his promise to “show great heart” to Dreamers, last week Trump officially announced the termination of DACA—aka Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. This week we’re getting to know the Dreamers, unpacking why Dems & GOP alike are decrying the program’s end, and laying out a battle plan to save DACA during the program’s last 6 months.


Issue 29:  Wait, there's an election next week??

Summer’s over but we’re just getting started. Next Tuesday 9/12 is primary day in NYC. (And the general election = Nov 7!) On tap this week? Why primaries matter, what to know as you head to the polls, and which races we’ve got our eye on. Remember when everyone regretted not voting last November? Let’s not do that again.

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