Issue 124: Equal Pay for Equal Work: Sports Edition

We’re still riding the high of the US Women’s Soccer team winning the World Cup AGAIN. But, unshockingly,our winning women still earn less than their male counterparts. By a lot. This week, we’re talking about the equal pay lawsuit our Women’s Soccer Team has filed, and what you can do to support them.


Issue 123: Horror at the Border

This past weekend, many Americans enjoyed fireworks, BBQs, and time with family and friends. But as we celebrated a holiday about “freedom,” innocent people seeking refuge and asylum at our border were instead held in detention centers in harrowing conditions. This week, we’re filling you in on the horror show that is our ongoing border crisis, and what you can do to fight back.


Issue 122: The Dystopian Case of Marshae Jones

Last December, Marshae Jones was shot during an altercation outside of a store in Jefferson County, AL, and miscarried as a result. This past Wednesday, a grand jury charged her with manslaughter for the death of the fetus. This is the latest attempt by state legislatures like Alabama’s to police, criminalize, and control pregnant people and womxn of color. So today, we’re discussing the dystopian nature of this case, and how to stand up for Marshae and reproductive justice across the country.