Issue 128: Trump made history

It's been a week since ICE descended on 7 work sites in 6 cities across Mississippi. By the end of the day-long raid, nearly 700 people were arrested. And this is just one piece of the Trump team’s (anti-)immigration agenda: they also announced a new policy change on Monday that’s intended to push black & brown, working-class immigrants off of a pathway to a green card or citizenship. This rule hasn’t yet gone into effect, so there’s still time to fight back. This week, we’re diving into Trump’s most recent attacks on immigrants and what we can do about it.


Issue 127: Liberty and justice for some

5 years, dozens of protests, and numerous court cases later, we are finally nearing the end of the case for the murder of Eric Garner. Last Friday, a police administrative judge recommended the firing of Daniel Pantaleo, the NYPD officer that placed Garner in a chokehold resulting in his death. This act set in motion a national outcry against police brutality in black and brown communities. This week, we’re updating you on the latest developments of the court case, what it means for the Black Lives Matter movement, and its impact on New York and the nation.


Issue 126: All the single (payer) ladies

July 31st is day 2 of the second round of debates among the Democratic candidates for president, and yesterday was Medicare’s 54th birthday! So, this week we’re discussing what the NY Times has called the hottest topic in the race for the nomination: Medicare for All. What is MFA, which candidates support it, and what does it all mean? If you think access to basic healthcare is a fundamental right, read on.