Issue 65: Gag Rule

Defunding women. Last year the GOP tried—and failed—to defund Planned Parenthood as part of their relentless attack on the Affordable Care Act. To the surprise of no one, Trump is dead-set on fulfilling this disastrous campaign promise and has found an opportunity to take matters into his own tiny hands. 45’s henchmen are rewriting the rules around Title X funding, which provides access to affordable birth control and reproductive healthcare for millions of Americans, to specifically target Planned Parenthood. This week we explain why this latest move amounts to a gag rule, and how we can fight back against this attempt to defund PP.



Issue 64: Guest Writer Kemi Ilesanmi -- The Laundromat Project

This week we’re featuring our May guest author Kemi Ilesanmi. Kemi runs The Laundromat Project (AKA The LP), an arts and social justice organization. In this memo, Kemi lays out how The LP empowers artists to use their work to be change agents across a broad range of issues. Learn more about The LP and how you can get involved.  

PS: They have a dance party/fundraiser coming up on 5/22/18!



Issue 63: Pot Politics

Cut the drama, and decriminalize marijuana. Two weeks ago, the City of Seattle filed a motion asking the Seattle Municipal Court to vacate all convictions and drop all charges related to marijuana possession going back three decades. TBH, New York is slacking in terms of progressive marijuana legislation. Despite legalization in 9 states, and decriminalization in 13, NY has yet to follow suit. So this week, we’re talking the politics of pot: how marijuana convictions disproportionately affect people of color, what NY stands to gain from legalization, and how things may change here soon.