Issue 40:  Greedy Old Party

Ungrateful. As families come together around the Thanksgiving dinner table, Trump and the GOP are busy pushing a tax scam that will literally take from the poor and give to the rich. After the bill passed the House last week, the Senate will now consider it as soon as they get back from Thanksgiving recess. So this week we’re talking about the BS theory behind these tax bills ("trickle down economics"), how it would affect the 99 percent, and how we’re organizing against this dangerous plan.


Issue 39: Get you some healthcare

Last week's elections were full of amazing wins for Dems (shout out to all the Broad Room members who  for VA House of Delegates candidates Danica Roem & Jennifer Foy—they both won!). But E-day also included wins for the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), with Maine voting for Medicaid expansion, and Virginia voters backing staunch Obamacare supporter Ralph Northam for Gov. Timing couldn’t be better, because it’s Open Enrollment Period—or OEP (yes, this is exciting, we promise). This week, we're arming you with facts to fight back against Trump and spread the Obamacare gospel.

PS: Get ready for the Broad Room’s next training: Money—That’s What I Want! Feel awkward asking for cash for your fave candidates and causes? So do many women—but we have to get over it. Learn how to make a hard ask and turn your support into financial gold. Nov 30th: RSVP ahora.


Issue 38:  Remember, remember the 8th of November

Here we are. Today’s the one-year anniversary of our trash prez getting elected. One year since we all swore we’d never let something like this happen. One year of reading gut-wrenching news stories and inane tweets. So this week, we’re taking a moment to reflect on the past year, reconnect with the anger we felt on November 8, recommit ourselves to working hard to elect progressive leaders and fight for progressive values, and remember that we have to fight for something, not just stand against someone.  
P.S. Miss last week's Broad Room phonebank for Virginia Dems? We made 1,161 calls (!) Pics here.