Tomorrow is New York State’s primary, and it’s a big fucking deal—so we’re taking a break from our usual Broad Memo. Let’s be honest: for the past few decades, voters have barely paid attention to state politics. But the truth is, here in NY, our centrist governor and a group of fake Democrats have spent 8 years blocking real reforms that New Yorkers value, such as single-payer healthcare, progressive rent regulations, a just criminal justice system, the DREAM Act, and a subway system that actually works.



Issue 80:  Get out the mother F-ing vote

Our State. Our Year. September 13th, 2018. As many of you know, New York is a battleground for the future of the Democratic party. So basically, your vote, and your friend’s vote, and your family's votes, have the potential to fundamentally change our state and our country. With just over a week until the election, we're giving you resources to research candidates and tools get yourself & your people to the polls. A quick reminder: Primaries: September 13. General Election: November 6. Seats up for grabs: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, State Attorney General, State Senate, State Assembly.


Issue 79:️ Where there’s smoke…

And now this. We already knew these men were corrupt, but last week it became official: Trump's former campaign chair Paul Manafort and Trump's former lawyer/consigliere Michael Cohen were found GUILTY of being lying, scheming crooks. So what does this mean for Trump and our country? This week we’re recapping last week’s explosive turn of events, and what we gotta do about it.