Since our founding in the wake of the 2016 election, The Broad Room has been powered by a cohort of unstoppable women volunteering their time to build an activist army. In March 2019, we hired our very first full time and paid staff - a Managing Director - to help more women turn their anger into action.


catherine Almonte, Managing Director

Joining our team in March 2019, Cat Almonte serves as The Broad Room’s first full time paid staff! Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in New York, she comes to us from The Brooklyn Museum where she’s been working at the intersection of art and activism. Cat’s made it her mission to create space for underserved communities to feel welcome and seen at the Museum by breaking down barriers to access. Before entering the art world, she worked for the City of New York, learning the (often male dominated) ins and outs of the NYC political scene and becoming the Mayor’s right hand at City Hall and on citywide campaigns. Cat took numbers, names, and raised millions of dollars. And along the way, she trained our Broad Room members on “How to Get That Money.” Now, Cat’s taking these tools to train up an all female activist army.

Founders & Board Chairs

  • Monica Klein is a political communications strategist with experience on local and national campaigns. Klein is a co-founder of Seneca Strategies, a firm that promotes progressive, diverse and female candidates and causes.

  • Elana Leopold is a seasoned political consultant, and has worked in local government and citywide campaigns. Leopold is a co-founder of Seneca Strategies, and regularly featured on panels and speaker series focusing on women.

  • Anna Poe-Kest is a experienced political operative. She currently serves in the Mayor's Office of Intergovernmental Affairs in New York’s City Hall. Prior to joining City government, she worked in the arts, and on numerous campaigns around the country.

Organizing Committee

  • Rosemary Boeglin - Press Secretary - is a Midwest-bred broad, communications specialist focused on immigrant rights and progressive change, and disco queen.

  • Anne Brewer - Policy Coordinator - is a New Jersey native who is now happy to be settled in Brooklyn/NYC for the foreseeable future. She runs half-marathons (but not marathons) and adores her cat Satsi.

  • Emily Cody - Digital Co-Director - is a strategist, writer, runner, and upstater-turned-New York City adoptee.

  • Allison Devereux - Communications Coordinator & Editorial Manager - is literary agent based in NYC. She earned her B.A. from The University of Texas at Austin’s Plan II Honors program. 

  • Brittany Jones - Membership Coordinator - is a California-native Brooklynite who loves food, travel and activism. When she isn't advocating for underserved New Yorkers, she is avoiding cold weather.

  • Cathleen Mathew - Membership Coordinator -…bio coming soon!

  • Nieve Mooney - Digital Co-Director - is an Irish/American citizen obsessed with making reproductive health accessible everywhere, cultivating her all black wardrobe, storytelling, and all forms of social media (she made it her career).

  • Ishanee Parikh - Communications Coordinator - is a true blue progressive from the deep, red heart of Texas. She's a taco connoisseur, Survivor fan, and currently a project manager in City government.

  • Francesca Royal - Communications Coordinator - is a Long Islander turned city girl, student-activist at Hunter College, runner, and proud veg-head.

  • Fionnuala Seiferth - Policy Coordinator - is a graduate student in domestic policy at Princeton University Woodrow Wilson School and a NYC city government alumni specialized in homelessness and social services.

  • Meredith Starkman - Operations Manager - …bio coming soon! 

  • Bailey Stonecipher - Digital Coordinator - …bio coming soon!

  • Rachel Swack - Membership Coordinator - …bio coming soon!