Get That Money: How to Fundraise


The Broad Room hosted the Get That Money: How to Fundraise event to introduce our members to the basics of fundraising. Our trainers led an interactive session, where we went over how to make the “big ask” and fundraise for progressive causes and candidates.

About the trainers:

Elana Leopold is a founding partner at Seneca Strategies, focusing her efforts on long-term strategic fundraising and political consulting for local and statewide campaigns. She currently fundraises for candidates including Liuba Grechen Shirley, Jessica Ramos and Cynthia Nixon.

Leopold has experience in local and national fundraising and politics. Prior to founding Seneca Strategies, Leopold worked as finance director for Mayor de Blasio’s successful re-election campaign, where she was responsible for raising over $10 million, developing a citywide finance plan, and organizing hundreds of fundraisers from a deep network of donors.  

In 2014, Leopold joined City Hall and served as the Mayor’s right hand, building his executive team from the ground up and running the Mayor’s day-to-day schedule. She went on to serve as a senior member of the Mayor’s political team, overseeing community engagement and political strategy with elected officials and advocates for city agencies. 

Catherine Almonte is a New York native, proud Afro-Latina, and a public service devotee. In her current role as Government & Community Affairs Liaison for the Brooklyn Museum, she works to enhance relationships between the museum and the communities it serves.

Most recently she worked on Mayor Bill de Blasio's re-election campaign as Deputy Finance Director where she helped raise over $10 million, planned more than 100 fundraising events, and managed various projects.

Previously, she tackled the puzzle of Deputy Director of Scheduling to the Mayor of New York City. Catherine has also served as Special Assistant to the Mayor, Event Coordinator for the Mayor's Office Special Projects and Community Events and Special Assistant to the Director of Appointments. 

She resides in Flatbush, Brooklyn with her two cats and enjoys riding her bike to work.

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