The Broad Room is an activist training camp, founded in a tiny rental van on the road to the DC Women’s March. They say women don’t brag enough. So here’s our brag: since then, we’ve trained 1000 (!) NYC women - turning our collective anger into powerful action through phone-banking, organizing, fundraising, bird-dogging, and door-knocking. 

Two years later, we’ve brought on brand new (and first full-time, paid) Managing Director.

We want to ensure money is never a barrier for NYC broads to get activated. That's why we're committed to keeping our trainings, events, and weekly action letters free. Which means we need your help! 

We’re building an army of young women to take political action and resist the right-wing agenda.


Can't give $$$? We're always looking for event space, photographers, designers, artists, great ideas for a training, or any other feedback you've got. Email us at