ISSUE 75: The Ladies Of The Hour


No surprise here—we’ve been adamantly following (OK, maybe obsessing) over the many ah-mazing women fighting to turn their city, county, state, or country more blue by running for office. This week, we’re updating you on what may be the most monumental race of 2018: Governor of Georgia. ICYMI: Stacey Abrams earned the Democratic nomination, giving her a real chance to become the first Black woman governor in the US. Last week, in the run-off election for the GOP candidate, Georgians chose the man carrying the “Trumpian torch” (on the campaign trail, he said he would personally “round up criminal illegals” in his own pickup truck). So we’re using this moment to shine a spotlight on Stacey and take a peek at the 35 governorships that are up for grabs in November.