ISSUE 36: (How to) fuck the office patriarchy


(How to) fuck the office patriarchy. 

Workplace sexism against women is so deeply ingrained in our society, sometimes we forget it’s even happening. While we're starting to see occasional justice meted out (Harvey Weinstein's implosion, Bill O’Reilly fired), we’re under no illusion that for every man caught, countless more are not called out. (And those men and their millions are hardly suffering.) Plus, we have to deal with the men who do nothing about workplace sexism—the ones who self-identify as “feminists” without taking any proactive steps to break down the institutional barriers that keep them in their positions of power. So this week, we’re looking at different types of workplace sexism, how to confront it head-on, and where to find support while we deal with the assholes who perpetrate it.