ISSUE 111: Guest Writer Daniela Lapidous | New York's Green New Deal

Climate Policy.

This week we’re passing the mic to Daniela Lapidous, organizer at NY Renews, a coalition fighting for progressive climate policy in New York. This broad knows what she’s talking about: before NY Renews, she led a 7-day building occupation for fossil fuel divestment at Columbia University, organized to get fossil fuel money out of politics, and researched how funders can support mass social movements. Now Daniela’s here to teach us about the Climate & Community Protection Act (CCPA) and what us Broads can do to lead the charge against climate change locally.

ISSUE 110: Victory Lap


Broad Brag.

Two weeks ago, we held our 2nd annual Broad Social—a fundraiser to keep our trainings, memos, and actions free and accessible to all womxn. So today we’re doing what mediocre white men do far too often: we’re celebrating our wins, the many many amazing members & supporters who helped make the night an overwhelming success (and a killer party), and doing a collective happy dance. Couldn’t make it? Don’t worry, this obv wouldn’t be a Broad Memo without an action: you can still support us by making a donation.

ISSUE 109: Blacklisted


The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) just announced they’re blacklisting anyone who works with candidates that challenge incumbent House Dems. If that’s not setting off alarm bells… keep reading. This week we’re breaking down why the DCCC is trying to hold back new, progressive candidates who we so desperately need from running for office—and what you can do to push back.

ISSUE 108: Announcing our New Queen


Cat Almonte.

Head Broad in charge. The Broad Room was founded in a tiny rental van on the road to the DC Women’s March. They say women don’t brag enough, so here’s our brag: since that day, we’ve trained up—arm in arm with 1,000 (!) NYC women—and turned our collective anger into powerful action through phone-banking, organizing, fundraising, bird-dogging, and door-knocking.Two years later, we’re stepping into 2019 with a brand new (and first full-time, paid) Managing Director—the brilliant Catherine Almonte.

ISSUE107: Fuck White Supremacy Part 2


New Zealand.

We’re still reeling from Friday’s tragic terrorist attack—fueled by white supremacy—that killed 50 people at two Islamic mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. We stand in solidarity with Muslims across the world and mourn the loss of these innocent lives. This week, we’re talking out the rising threat of white supremacy, why it matters, and how we can raise awareness and fight against it.

ISSUE 106: The Tea on the Green New Deal

Green New Deal.

Since before she even took office, NYC’s very own congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been working to pass the Green New Deal. We know that the GND has been making Republicans mad (God forbid we try to save the planet), and that AOC is at the forefront—but what’s really in this new piece of legislation? This week, we’re giving you the quick and dirty guide to the Green New Deal.

ISSUE 105: School Strike

Speaking up & walking out.

Over the last few years, teacher strikes have become a national phenomenon, as teachers across the country demand better working conditions, (well-deserved) higher wages, and more. We’ve seen teachers walk out in red states and blue states, and we’re seeing *amaze* results from their courageous action. This week, we’re diving into what these strikes are all about, how they work, and why they matter.

ISSUE 104: What's all the Fusion


Familiar Enemies.

They’re back. The fake Democrats in the NY State Senate who ran on progressive platforms and then voted like Republicans. The ones who Broads like us voted out of office in the last election. You guessed it: the IDC are still haunting the state legislature and trying to weaken progressive reform in New York—and they may have the governor’s support. This week we’re diving into a new attack on fusion voting—a tool that’s keeping (true) progressives’ power growing in NYS—and how you can help save it.