ISSUE 100: One Hunnid


Triple Digits.

On February 24th, 2017, we came out swinging with our very first Broad Memo. Almost 2 years and 100 issues later, we've talked about intersectional feminism, white supremacy, sexism in the workplace, healthcare, the Dreamers, and lots in between. For our 100th issue, we’re taking a moment to check in on our home turf: With the takedown of the IDC & some fresh (broad) blood in the state legislature, New York has made major strides. We’re rewinding on how we got here, recapping all that’s happened less than a month into 2019, and sharing ways to stay active in shaping your state.

ISSUE 99: The courts have our backs


The Courts.

In the Trump era, sometimes it feels like the country is crumbling and there aren't enough of us to stop it. But we have important allies who've challenged the Trump admin and blocked some of its horrible damage: the federal courts. This week, we’re sharing some good news (yes, it exists) about how the federal courts are striking back against two important Trump mandates on access to birth control and the citizenship question on the 2020 Census.

ISSUE 98: #WomensWave

Let’s March.

Remember when over 5 MILLION people around the world took to the streets the day after Trump’s inauguration to protest this man bringing his heinous agenda into the highest office in the land? Pretty incredible, huh?! We think so too. This week—just 3 days till women across the country take to the streets yet again—we’re bringing you up to speed on the Women’s March: how it emerged, how it’s evolved, and what you can do to support the #WomensWave.

ISSUE 97: Fucking Wall Nonsense


The Shutdown.

Trump’s government shutdown has dragged on for over 3 weeks. And as of this morning, it’s the longest shutdown in US history. About 800K federal employees have gone a full pay cycle without a paycheck, and half of them are still working—again, WITHOUT PAY. Even worse, contract workers for the federal government (think office cleaners, food servers) won’t even be entitled to backpay when the govt reopens. This week, we’re diving into the shutdown—why it’s happening, why it matters, and what you can do.

ISSUE 96: thank u, next

Happy New Year!

2018 is fuckin’ O-V-E-R and that means we’ve officially passed the halfway mark in this horrendous presidential term. Whether you’re still recovering from NYE or already acing those resolutions, let’s all take a moment to focus on the positive. This week we’re recapping all that we've accomplished together over the last year, and outlining our Broad Resolutions for the year ahead.

ISSUE 95: A Mess in Texas

2019, Bring It.

We’re just a few weeks away from the inauguration of a newer, bluer Congress (!!), but a new GOP-led ruling has suddenly put the Affordable Care Act back in danger—despite widespread public support for the ACA. This week we’re arming you with the facts about the ruling, what it would do if it’s upheld, and what you can do to protect yourself and fight for Obamacare.

NY Broads: Unlike most states, where the open enrollment period for healthcare has closed, open enrollment in NY will continue until Jan 31. But don’t delay: get yourself covered!

ISSUE 94: Our Border Crisis

Border Update.

For weeks there was a media blitz on the “migrant caravan” heading from Central America to the U.S.–Mexico border. In classic form, Trump took a human rights issue and turned it into an opportunity for racist, ultra-xenophobic fear mongering, part of a desperate strategy to stem the blue wave before the midterms. He's even authorized the use of lethal force at the border. This week, we’re updating you on the fate of those who traveled with the migrant caravan, how our southern border is a literal human rights catastrophe, and what you can do to help the thousands of migrants who are suffering at the hands of our federal government.

ISSUE 93: War On Roe

Roe v. Wade.

Hold on to your rights. In November, the Ohio House of Representatives passed one of the most restrictive abortion bills in the country. This bill could make the legal cut-off for an abortion so early that a doctor wouldn’t be able perform one by the time most of us would even know we were pregnant. This week, we’re taking a look at “heartbeat” bills, the war against Roe v. Wade, and what we can do right now to push back against the avalanche of assaults on women’s autonomy.

ISSUE 91: Thankful AF

Happy Thanksgiving!

A few weeks after the midterm elections, we’re still thankful AF for the many amazing, courageous women who ran for office—especially the first-time candidates who took a hard look at the state of this country and bravely decided to fight for their communities. This week, we’re showing some shine to a few of those first-timers who came out in astonishing numbers to run for office—and who will now be giving women a more powerful voice in our government. We’re also thankful for you, Broad. Thank you for subscribing and getting politically active with us in 2018! ❤️