ISSUE 24: Shock and Awe

Shock and awe.

Stay woke. Last Wednesday, in the midst of the Trumpcare circus, 45 issued a tweet ban on transgender people serving in the military, blindsiding his defense secretary and Republican congressional leaders. While this tweet is neither law nor Executive Order, it demonstrates the Trump admin’s tried and true "shock and distract" ploy. This week, we outline how harmful this tactic is and how we can work together to break through the noise. 

ISSUE 23: WTF Do We Stand For

WTF do we stand for.

Pick a side: Everyone agrees, the Left can’t just be anti-Trump. If we want to grow the base and start winning elections again, we need an agenda. But two factions of the Democratic Party have two starkly different ideas about who we need to recruit and what platform to put forward. So this week, we’re asking the question: Which path should the Democratic Party take?

ISSUE 22: Now Let's Get In Formation

Get in formation.

Okay, broads, now let’s get in formation: Four months ago we launched The Broad Room. Since then, we’ve hosted 4 events, written 22 action letters, trained more than 100 women on local government & sustainable activism, and subscribed more than 1,000 Broad Memo readers (!). We've donated time + $$$ to progressive orgs, phone banked for candidates, and learned about Trumpcareintersectionality, &gerrymandering. So this week, we’re talking about The Broad Room: why we formed, how you can become a member, and what's next!

ISSUE 21: Run For Your Life

Run for your life.

Run for your life: Women tend to win elections at the same rate as men—but we're far less likely to run for office. This week, we’re looking at the shortage of broads in elected office, the reasons women often make better politicians, and why it’s crucial that more of us run.

ISSUE 20: 400 Miles to the Closest Abortion

400 Miles.

So far away…This week, we’re looking at the 7 states with one abortion provider left. Since the latest GOP healthcare bill is threatening to defund some of those clinics, that number could go even lower. This begs the question: If the nearest abortion clinic is so far away you can’t reach it, is abortion really legal?

ISSUE 19: Say His Name

Say his name.

Philando Castile was yet another black man fatally shot by a cop who was yet again acquitted by a jury. This week, we’re looking at Castile’s case to understand why Americans keep exonerating officers involved in violence against people of color—over and over and over.