ISSUE 34: Bigot in Chief


Love Trumps Hate. 

In recent days, the nation’s been focused on the seemingly endless string of devastating natural disasters and last week’s gut-wrenching mass shooting in Las Vegas. Disturbingly—but not surprisingly—the Trump administration has leveraged the moment to quietly unfurl a new set of discriminatory and bigoted actions against the LGBTQ community. This week we’re looking at 45’s latest steps to dismantle LGBTQ protections and what we can do to stop him in his bigoted tracks.

ISSUE 33: Can you do the Con-Con?



A constitutional convention (aka a "Con-Con") is 1 of only 2 ways to amend the New York State constitution. Every 20 years, NYers have the chance to vote on whether or not to hold a constitutional convention, and 2017 is one of those years. So Con-Cons are especially relevant right now for New Yorkers, and this week we’re explaining what they are, how they work, who’s for them, and who’s against them. Brace yourself: there’s not a clear Dem–GOP line. 

ISSUE 31: (Not) Worth Less



That’s the percentage that women working full-time in the US are paid compared to men doing the same work—and the numbers are far worse for women of color. This week we’re talking about this 20% pay gap, how it affects women across age, race, and education level, and how we can help slam it shut.

ISSUE 30: American Nightmare



Despite his promise to “show great heart” to Dreamers, last week Trump officially announced the termination of DACA—aka Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. This week we’re getting to know the Dreamers, unpacking why Dems & GOP alike are decrying the program’s end, and laying out a battle plan to save DACA during the program’s last 6 months.

ISSUE 28: What Our Trash President Did This Time.



Last month, Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio was found guilty of refusing to stop racial profiling. And last Friday, our trash president pardoned Sheriff Joe. (Arpaio's also the guy who brought back chain gangs, and kept inmates in 145° F outdoor tents.) This week we’re examining presidential pardoning, why Trump’s recent pardon is straight nonsense, and how we can help immigrant communities like those Arpaio (and many in the GOP!) are hell-bent on destroying.

ISSUE 27: Fuck Nazis. Fuck White Supremacists.


This is America.

The eleven days since the terror attack in Charlottesville have been days of pain, outrage, and solidarity. But the bigotry and violence the nation witnessed in Virginia earlier this month don't exist in a vacuum. This week, we’re talking about the prevalence of white supremacy, the dangerous of covert white supremacy, and some ways to stop passively allowing this system to continue.