ISSUE 123: Horror at the Border


The Real Border Crisis.

This past weekend, many Americans enjoyed fireworks, BBQs, and time with family and friends. But as we celebrated a holiday about “freedom,” innocent people seeking refuge and asylum at our border were instead held in detention centers in harrowing conditions. This week, we’re filling you in on the horror show that is our ongoing border crisis, and what you can do to fight back.

ISSUE 122: The Dystopian Case of Marshae Jones


Repro Justice.

Last December, Marshae Jones was shot during an altercation outside of a store in Jefferson County, AL, and miscarried as a result. This past Wednesday, a grand jury charged her with manslaughter for the death of the fetus. This is the latest attempt by state legislatures like Alabama’s to police, criminalize, and control pregnant people and womxn of color. So today, we’re discussing the dystopian nature of this case, and how to stand up for Marshae and reproductive justice across the country.

ISSUE 121: What are Your Pronouns?


The Fight for Equality.

Happy Pride! June is a time to celebrate and honor our LGBTQ+ community, while reaffirming our commitment in the struggle for equality. This week, we're diving into how Trump is rolling back policies that protect the civil rights of the LGBTQ+, and giving some love to our ah-mazing Queer Broads (a Broad is an individual who identifies as a woman or is gender non-binary).

ISSUE 120: Good News for Your Uterus


Expanding Abortion Access.

Heck yes! NYC has become the first city in the U.S. to directly fund abortions. Our City’s budget will now allocate $250,000 to specifically fund abortions for those who can’t afford the procedure. In the face of the numerous abortion bans coming out of hostile state legislatures across the country, many states are successfully expanding access. This week, we’re bringing you some GOOD news about the states removing restrictions, and how you can help keep the momentum going.

ISSUE 119: A Queen in Queens

Image 6-12-19 at 12.01 PM.jpg

Attn Queens.

It’s election time in Queens. On June 25 (in less than 2 weeks!), NYC is holding an election for the Queens District Attorney. If we want to push for real change in the criminal justice system, we have to pay attention to these races and remind people what’s at stake: racial justice, social justice, economic justice, and the end of mass incarceration. We can’t sit this one out. This week we’re looking at the role of the DA, the upcoming election in Queens, and how you can help—whether you live in Queens or not.

ISSUE 118: 448 Pages Later, Now What?


The Mueller Report.

No obstruction, collusion, or conclusion? Not so fast. Last week, Special Counsel Robert Mueller made his first public statement about his report since its release in April. Nearly 6 weeks after bringing this nearly 2-year roller coaster of an investigation to an end, he commented on the report and announced his resignation from the Justice Department. This week we are catching ourselves up on the evolution of the Mueller Report, and what comes next.

ISSUE 117: Lumarie Maldonado Cruz


Guest Memo.

This week, Lumarie Maldonado Cruz is taking over The Broad Memo. Lumarie is a progressive Latina running for Civil Court Judge in Queens. She’s running against the Queens machine (ie, the old white dudes who AOC beat) and is forcing the first judicial primary in Queens in DECADES. In this memo you’ll learn more about Lumarie and how you can help her campaign!

ISSUE 116: Alabama's Just the Beginning


Anti-Choice Minority.

We knew this day would come. America is overwhelmingly pro-choice: 7 in 10 Americans support the right to choose. BUT that shitty anti-choice 30% has amassed a ton of power. For the past 5 decades, the anti-choice minority has been steadily working to dismantle Roe v. Wade. Now, with Trump in the White House and Kavanaugh and Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, they’re even more emboldened. This week, we’re recapping the anti-choice lobby’s current strategy of cutting abortion access at the state level in an attempt to overturn our right to choose nationally—and what us Broads can do to squash this BS.

ISSUE 115: Home is Where the Rent Control is

News to No One.

Finding a place to live in NYC can feel impossible. Scarce affordable housing? Check. Rising rents? Check. Bad landlords? Check. Evictions targeting low-income communities and POC? Check check check. But with NYC rent laws set to expire next month, things might be about to change for the better. This week, we’re filling you in on a little something called “universal rent control”: what it is and what you can do to support the movement to extend tenant rights in your community.