ISSUE 55: Guest Writer Sparkle Ashley

Every day is Women's Day.

At the Broad Room, we're continuing our celebration of Women's History Month with our second guest memo writer. This week, the inspirational Sparkle Ashley—who's running as the Wisconsin Working Families Party endorsed candidate for Milwaukee County Supervisor—is taking the mic. Sparkle is a lifelong public servant who is passionate about public safety, criminal justice reform, and serving members of her community with mental illness. She's also a mother and advocate for Black women running for office. Please welcome, Sparkle!

ISSUE 54: Guest Writer Melissa Mark-Viverito


It’s officially Women’s History Month, y’all. 

Throughout the month of March, in honor of history-making broads past and present, we’re inviting some truly inspiring guest writers to take the wheel. This week, former NYC City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito is here to talk about how she’s building a more representative democracy, and what you can do to help. If you didn't know, now you do: Melissa Mark-Viverito is a long-time political activist, the first Latina leader of New York’s City Council, a prolific Tweeter, a staunch advocate for immigrants, and an all-around badass broad. Now, without further ado, Melissa Mark-Viverito....

ISSUE 53: Black (Women's) Lives Matter


Today is the last day of Black History Month

so we’re talking about the Black Lives Matter movement—and how Black women have influenced the movement and been impacted by it. We’re dedicating this issue to all the phenomenal Black women who have helped drive and continue to lead this important movement, and who inspire us daily 😍.

ISSUE 52: War on the Poor


Make noise. 

We've heard a lot about DACA the past few months, but the Trump administration has quietly opened another line of assault on immigration that isn’t making headlines. This week we're talking about a scary new Trump proposal: the expansion of “public charge” to further limit legal immigration and hamstring low-income immigrant families. Spoiler: it’s sickening.

ISSUE 50: Midterms on My Mind


It's The Broad Memo’s Golden Anniversary

Our 50th issue! Over the past 50+ weeks, we’ve phone-banked, fundraised, trained up on how to organize & live an activist life, and studied issues ranging fromgun violence to homelessness. Now it’s time to put these skills to use. November feels like forever away, but in campaign world, it’s basically tomorrow. This week, we're walking you through the 2018 midterm (ie, between Presidential elections) elections, why sitting out this cycle is not an option, what you can do, and what you can expect from The Broad Room.

ISSUE 49: Broads of the World - UNITE!


Janus v. Justice.

On February 26th, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in Janus v. AFSCME—a case that could dramatically weaken the power of public labor unions (think: teachers, gov employees, etc). This is scary AF, and the ripple effects of a decision like this would run deep. So this week we’re talking about the upcoming SCOTUS case, anti-union forces, and how to support your fellow workers.