Who we are

The Broad Room is a group of young women in NYC, many with backgrounds in local politics or government. After the Trump election, we heard from women who were looking for more ways to take political action-—but they didn’t know how to start. So we started The Broad Room. We’re training an army of young women in New York City to take political action and resist the right-wing agenda. 

How The Broad Room works

  • The Broad Room's free monthly trainings, led by experts in their field, teach our members how to understand and change government. 
  • Our weekly action letters include must-know info on key political topics. 
  • And our networking events keep our membership engaged and growing.

About that name...

The Broad Room isn’t a physical location—it’s a nod toward our goal: to build spaces where women feel comfortable to speak up, teach each other, and take action. All trainers, writers, members, and contributing artists of The Broad Room identify as female.

The Broad Room Directors

  • Monica Klein is a political communications specialist, 2 Dope Queens addict, speed reader, and native New Yorker.
  • Elana Leopold is a native New Yorker with 6 years of experience in NYC campaigns and government and harbors a love for all things fitness/shoe-related.
  • Anna Poe-Kest is a Brooklyn-born baby bureaucrat, working for NYC gov. She spent her childhood in oversized union tees and Hanna Andersson floral leggings. 

The Broad Room Organizing Committee

  • Cat Almonte is a proud Afro-Latina immigrant serving the City of New York. She's a lover of great meals and champion of underdogs everywhere. 
  • Laura Barganier is a brand communications pro who's passionate about women's issues, news and storytelling.
  • Rosemary Boeglin is a Midwest-bred broad, communications specialist focused on immigrant rights and progressive change, and disco queen.
  • Anne Brewer is a New Jersey native who is now happy to be settled in Brooklyn/NYC for the foreseeable future. She runs half-marathons (but not marathons) and adores her cat Satsi. 
  • Emily Cody is a strategist, writer, runner, and upstater-turned-New York City adoptee.
  • Allison Devereux is a literary agent, runner, reader, and proud original Texan.
  • Brittany Jones is a California-native Brooklynite who loves food, travel and activism. When she isn't advocating for underserved New Yorkers, she is avoiding cold weather. 
  • Ishanee Parikh is a true blue progressive from the deep, red heart of Texas. She's a taco connoisseur, Survivor fan, and currently a project manager in City government.
  • Fionnuala Seiferth is a public policy enthusiast, reader, and  Air Force Brat. 
  • Seema Vashi Garg is a native Texan, ex-Californian, and a proud New Yorker since 2015. She leads a product strategy team at Google and is a huge lover of margs, pop culture, and standing up for people who need it most.