About Us

The Broad Room is an activist training camp. We’re building an army of young women to take political action and fight back.

Who we are

We’re a collective of young women with backgrounds in politics and local government. Real Talk: the world of politics and political activism can seem impenetrable, bureaucratic, and (no surprise) dominated by men. Because we work in politics, we have access to badass women who have been on the front lines of progressive change for decades—and we wanted to share these networks with women across NYC. We wanted to make sure the women of NYC – who flooded the Capitol and cramped subways to JFK – had the tools, knowledge, and networks, to continue showing up. 

So, we started The Broad Room: a training camp for young women to take political action and fight back. Every step of the way, we’re applying the skills we learn and taking action together— because we know being passively against something isn’t enough. The Broad Room isn’t a physical location—it’s a nod toward our goal: to build spaces where women feel comfortable to speak up, teach each other, and take action. All trainers, writers, members, and contributing artists of The Broad Room identify as broads.

How It works

  • The Broad Room's free monthly trainings, led by experts in their field, teach our members how to understand and change government.

  • Our weekly action letters include must-know info on key political topics.

  • And our networking events keep our membership engaged and growing.

What We Stand For

We’re fighting for a pro-women, pro-worker, pro-immigrant, pro-LGBTQ agenda. We want a government and elected officials who are serious about tackling economic, gender, and racial inequality. We think it’s time for our leaders to put forward bold, progressive ideas that actually energize constituents. And we believe progressive women are the answer.